Sun Mountain Golf Cart

The Sun Mountain Golf Cart company produces two different push golf cart models. There is the Speed Cart version 1 and the Speed Cart version 2. In 2009 sun Mountain will be offering a new powered model but it has yet to be released so I can’t tell you much about it yet.

From Sun Mountain’s website they state that because of their innovative approach and their never-satisfied looks at things they were the ones that invented the world’s first modern stand bags change the trend from being pull carts to being push carts.

Sun Mountain Speed Cart v2Whether that is true or not is hard to say and if you’re a golfer I don’t think you could even care less. If you’re looking for Sun Mountain golf carts you only need to know that you have two options to choose between. The version 1 and the version 2 cart.

The Speed Golf Cart v1 comes in 7 different colors where as the v2 cart is only created in 3 colors. The biggest different between the two, besides the colors, are the fact that version 2 I made out of aluminum tubing that will make it a stronger and more durable cart.

When looking into the price I found that when you buy these carts from new they’re priced at approximately $200 for Speed Cart version 1 and $270 for Speed Cart version 2. If you’re being hard on your golf cart and want a solution that might last a little longer then does $70 might be very well spent.

Finding Sun Mountain Golf Carts at a Discount

But why would you pay the full price if you were able to get the same golf cart at a 40% – 50% discount?

At Ebay the Sun Mountain Golf Cart v1 is offered at only $136 and that is for a brand new 2008 model. So you don’t even have to get a used cart to get the discount. You can also find used models at below $100 if you really want to go cheap.

Check out Ebay now to get your new golf cart at a discount.

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