Golf Cart Windshields

The purpose of golf cart windshields are obviously enough primarily to shield you against the wind. But a windshield does more than that. In this article I’ll go a little into the different kinds of golf cart windshields there are and explain to you what you should be aware of when buying a new shield for your cart.

The Windshield is Brand Specific

Now I assume that you already have a golf cart and that is the important first step. The reason for that is that not all golf carts are similar in shape and sizes and their individual windshields will therefore also vary in shape and size.

When searching for the windshield you should always be brand specific. Let’s say you have a Yamaha golf cart and you need to either find a new windshield or replace an old one. Then I suggest that you go to a place like ebay and search for the term “Yamaha Golf Cart Windshield”. If you want to be even more specific you enter the model number of the particular cart that you own.

Being too specific might however result in very few results so to start out I suggest leaving out the model number and see what comes up.

Covering Front and Sides for Best Protection

Normal golf cart windshields will only cover the front of the cart and normally that will be sufficient but if it rains you might want to put some shields on the sides of the cart as well. Depending you’re the type and brand of cart that you own you might find that there are no such sides. Luckily most brand do have such accessories and again I suggest that you go to ebay.

One of the advantages of ebay is that since it is an auction site you might end up paying far less than you would if you have purchased the windshield in most other shops.

Where to Buy Golf Cart Windshields

There are a lot of places that you can find great golf cart windshields but you will probably also run into providers of questionable quality. I’m not saying this to scare you in any way. I am only saying it because I’ve been searching the Internet for quite some time now and most of the providers will either have a very limited selection to choose from or their site simple doesn’t look trustworthy.

I am therefore going to give you a few links to a nice selection of golf cart windshields based on the specific brand of golf cart that you own. I case your brand isn’t mentioned please try the first link in the list:

If you’re having difficulties finding the right windshield for your specific golf cart then please leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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