Custom Golf Cart Parts

Design your very own golf cart to suit your needs and style. Custom golf cart parts includes things like wheels, windshields, seat covers, lift kits, lights and a bunch of other cool stuff. Besides needing to find parts that fit your brand of golf cart you are really only limited by your imagination.

List of Custom Golf Cart Parts to Choose From

Since the list of items that you can change and/or modify is almost limitless I can’t go through each possible item but let me help you along and hopefully give you a few ideas on what items you can replaced with differently styled versions.

Changing the Cart Rims

If you don’t like the standard wheels that came with your golf cart you’re in luck. You can find a great selection of rims in a wide selection of colors/styles and sizes. Most standard wheels are 8” and rather dull looking and if you want to keep your tires you can just find another set of 8” rims.

But if you’re looking to apply a larger set of wheels you will find a huge selection in 10” and occasionally you can also find them in size 12”. Both sets will require that you get a new set of tires as well.

Exchanging the Windshields

Another custom golf cart parts add-on is the windshield. Some golf carts have windshields as a standard while others will need you to add them to the mix. The selections of windshields are nothing compared to the wheels because whether a new design fits your cart depends greatly on the brand and the specific model of golf cart that you own.

New Seat Covers

When purchasing a used golf cart you might want to get a new set of seat covers in exchange for the old one or maybe you just want a new leather look for your cart. Since golf cart seat covers are exactly that: “Covers” you don’t need to do much work besides putting the new cover on top of the old seat cover.

With seat covers you can choose between anything from the cheap acrylic kind to the expensive top notch leather kind. Most golf cart seats are about the same size and shape. Be sure to ask the dealer whether it’ll fit your cart model.

Lift Kits for Terrain Driving

If you’re using your golf cart for other things than driving on the golf court you might want to consider adding a lift kit. A lift kit will raise the level of your cart so you’ll be able to drive in rougher terrains. Don’t expect to go climbing a mountain in your golf cart after adding a kit.

Lift kits are specific to the brand and model of your cart so be sure to ask your dealer whether the particular kit will fit your vehicle.

Standard or LED lights

Whether you hit something or you need to replace one or more of your cart lights I suggest that you think about whether you should go for the standard lights or whether you should look into the new LED light solutions. The LED lights are often a bit more expensive than the regular ones but you’ll quickly find that not only will you get a much better light (which is great for night driving) but you’ll also get a solution that will last longer than regular bulbs.

As you can see there are tons of custom golf cart parts that you can choose from and I haven’t even covered a fraction of what is available. In future articles I’ll dive more into some of the specific solutions that you can find and what benefits you’ll get from each of them. If you want to discuss it even more go visit The Golf Talk Club by clicking the link.

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