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EZ Go Golf Carts Used – What to Consider When Buying Secondhand

Many avid players of golf dream of owning their own cart to ride around the course with. If you share the desire of owning your own golf cart, it can be so great to hear that it can actually become a possibly. EZ Go carts are very popular within the industry and look visually appealing as well. They can also cost well over $5000, depending on where you are shopping. If you want to purchase one of these carts, but don’t have all the money to spend, you should consider buying a previously owned cart. With the popularity of this particular brand, you can likely find EZ Go Golf Carts used that are still in great shape and will perform well. Just taking you time looking into the different places to purchase used carts and the qualities that should be sought out will help you find the very best fit possible.

The Advantage of Buying an EZ Go Model

When you are doing your research on the different types of golf carts in the marketplace, it is likely that you will across a decent number of models which can perform well for use in a typical golf course. If you are set on getting a golf cart, but can’t afford to spend several thousand on yours, you could definitely look into a model by EZ Go. They have a number of carts which work great in golf courses and elsewhere, but are not as expensive as their competitors. As long as you do your research, you will likely be able to find a model which works great and isn’t too expensive as well. By seeking out a used golf cart, you will have a much higher chance of finding a great deal on a new cart as well.

Ensuring Your Golf Cart Works Great

There are a number of unique things you need to consider when you have made the decision to purchase your golf cart used. It is common for most people to assume that buying a model which is being sold by another is going to result in poor performance or another issue of some kind. Just doing some research and looking in depth at the specific cart will likely show you that the pros and cons of the ones which are available. This can save you a significant amount of time and also ensure that the one you select is going to be a good fit. Below are some vital qualities you should check out if you want your golf cart to work great.

  • You need to ensure that the cart is put together properly. Many people will do their own modifications on their golf cart and it can often result in it working improperly. You will need to look closely at exactly what you are buying if you are planning on getting a used EZ Go model.
  • Another thing you need to keep in mind when you are purchasing a golf cart which has been previously used is the amount of wear on it. While this may seem similar to the above, there can actually be great golf carts which look nice, but are about done with the engine. In this case, you are much better off looking at another model with fewer miles.
  • Price is one of the key things you need to focus on in order to get your quality golf cart. Used models are going to be more affordable then new, but you still need to do some comparisons to ensure that the one you select is going to perform well.

Where to Find Quality Golf Carts

If you have never actually put in the time to shop for a golf cart, you may be curious as to what the best method is in finding one for yourself. Instead of just searching in newspaper ads for a golf cart, it is much more beneficial to look into other methods. Looking at the recommendations below will help you find a variety of golf carts which fit a variety of budgets and needs.

  • Ebay is an excellent option to look into, as they often have a variety of EZ Go carts available at any given time at a range of prices. You can find many used models here and check back regularly until you find one that is affordable and has all of the qualities you’re looking for.
  • Another option available online is Craigslist. Simply doing a search for EZ Go golf carts, along with a year if you are set on one model, can often help you find a variety of models which may be fitting what you’re looking for.

A lot of people are interested in purchasing a golf cart, but are unsure of how much they should be spending. If you want one, but are worried over the cost, it can be so beneficial to look into the used models which are available. This way you will be aware of the variety of models and the prices that are to be expected with what you’re looking for.

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EZ Go Golf Carts – Tips on Finding a Reasonably Priced Model

If you regularly enjoy heading to the golf course to play with some friends, but can’t stand paying out of pocket for rental fees of a golf cart, you may want to look into purchasing your own. Many people get the impression that these carts are reserved for only the rich, but they often retail for less than $5000. Simply doing your research on the top brands and prices will help find you a model which will work great and is within your means as well. EZ Go Golf Carts are very popular as they are reasonably priced, work well, and customers are generally happy with their purchase. In order to make the best purchase possible, you will need to do some research at length to find out which EZ cart would be the best purchase, along with the different things that you can do to bring down the cost.

The Benefits that Make EZ Models a Great Choice

There are actually a decent number of brands which are recognized for manufacturing golf carts. With options such as Club Car and Yamaha, you may curious as to what exactly makes the EZ Go models so appealing. The price is definitely a major selling point, as there are a variety of different carts they offer which aren’t too expensive. As long as you do your research and are patient when looking through the variety of golf carts which are offered through this brand, you can likely find one which isn’t priced too high. Another benefit that comes with purchasing an EZ go model is that they are very reliable. There is often not too much to worry about when you purchase one of these golf carts because they work for years and years without typically exhibiting any problems.

Considering Some Important Qualities

Before you go and purchase your golf cart, it is so crucial that you consider a couple of qualities that are considered the most important. A lot of people will select a particular golf cart without really doing the research necessary. In order for you to make this purchase and be completely happy with what you have received, it is vital that you look into the qualities which are commonly found in top models and make sure that yours has some, if not all, of them. This can prevent a lot of time and money spent on a poor quality model, while also ensuring that the golf cart you purchase will be a great product for EZ Go. Below is a list of qualities that you definitely look into before selecting a golf cart.

  • One of the first things you will notice when looking at different golf carts is the price. If you want your golf cart to be affordable, you are definitely moving in the right direction with looking at EZ Go models. While browsing, it is important that you check out the older models as well, since it may be cheaper than the ones which have just been manufactures in the current year.
  • Another thing you need to take into account is the quality. Some golf carts are priced significantly lower than average, but they likely have issues which you may not be willing to deal with. By taking the time to research and see the unique pros and cons of different models by EZ Go, you will be able to determine which one would be a good fit.
  • The last thing you need to focus on while browsing is the performance of the model. While a particular golf cart by EZ Go may get excellent reviews, it may not be the right fit for what you’re looking for. If you need something to seat you plus 3 buddies, it is crucial that you do your research properly and don’t just select a model without considering the different specifications and capabilities.
  • Checking out the Different Retailers

    Something you definitely need to consider in order to get your golf cart without spending a lot is the variety of retailers which are available. A lot of people tend to choose whatever retailer is the most convenient and it can often result in spending a lot more than necessary. Just by doing your research of the options, you can find numerous places which sell golf carts and a larger range of prices. Taking the time to do this will also present you with many more options as well because you are given a wider selection.

    • Heading online over to is a fantastic option, as this is the official website and retailer of these golf carts.
    • Another option is looking through Ebay. While these are typically previously owned models, you can often find a large number of carts which are in great condition. Here will show you a large number of options to look through.

    As you consider the different options for purchasing your new golf cart, it is important that you do be patient and don’t select one just out of random. These carts retail for more than $1000 when in good condition, so it is definitely crucial that you take your time with this purchase. A lot of people are eager to pick up a model right away, but you could definitely benefit from reading through important qualities to look into, as well as retailers.

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1999 EZ Go Golf Cart – Seeking Out a Used Model for a Good Price

There are plenty of reasons why consumers are becoming interested in purchasing an older golf cart. Whether you are getting one to actually use at a golf course or to get around locally, it is important that you consider the costs. Purchasing a golf cart brand new can cost well over ten thousand dollars, so you may want to consider buying an older model to save some money. A lot of people are fond of the 1999 EZ Go Golf Cart because it looks attractive and modern in design, but is still discounted heavily compared to what is now being sold in stores. In order to find one of these carts for a good price, you will need to do some research on your own about the different places of which older golf carts so that you can purchase a 1999 model for a good price.

The Advantages of Investing in a Golf Cart

If you are very fond of golf, but don’t want to rent a cart every time you enjoy this sport, you may want to consider purchasing one for yourself. By looking out for a model that works great and is inexpensive as well, you will be able to spend a whole day at the green without worrying over the cost of renting the course’s carts. While many people think of golf carts only in use while playing golf, they are also very useful in getting around. If you live in a mobile home or another small neighborhood, it is often legal to use your golf cart to get around in this particular area. Places such as Catalina Island only allow golf carts for driving, so you may be in a situation where these models are something of a necessity.

Receiving a Good Deal by Buying Used

When you have made the decision to get a golf cart, it is important that you consider the cost of buying new versus an older model. If you want your cart to look nice, but don’t have the money to spend tons of a new cart, you should definitely consider checking out used models. The reason that the 1999 EZ cart is so popular is because it continues to work great over the years and is a fantastic value for the money. You can receive such a good amount of savings by doing your research on the different locations to purchase used models. It is also important that you consider the things you need to do before buying used, such as checking the engine and even get a professional check out the cart to ensure it is in good working order before buying.

Considering the Different Places to Buy a Used Golf Cart

There are many options out there if you are trying to find a specific model for the money. If you want your golf cart for a good price, but can’t manage to find one that fits what you are looking for, it can be helpful to utilize the following methods for finding a used 1999 EZ Go model.

  • Many people rely on using a website such as Craigslist. This website is popular for many different reasons, but the most popular feature is the used items listing. You can simply enter in what you’re looking for- in this case, the 1999 model of EZ Go gold carts- and see current listings of the ones that are available. If you cannot find one, you may need to wait and do the search again later.
  • Another place you can check out is newspaper ads. While these are decreasing in popularity with the growth of the internet, you may be able to find the model you’re looking out for. It is worth a try, as you can often get a great deal because somebody is trying to quickly get rid of their old golf cart.
  • Simply visiting a used dealership is a good idea, but there a number of things you need to keep in mind. These places often have a rep for upping their prices, so you have to be extra careful that you are not being ripped off when checking out what is available. By simply viewing their selection of 1999 model, then referring to their average selling price online, you will be able to determine if this would be a good investment.

Purchasing a golf cart is a dream for many people, whether it is because they enjoy playing golf or because they want one to get around. Instead of thinking the high cost or purchasing one should deter you from getting one you should so some further research on the used models that are available. By seeking out the best rated carts, you will likely find the 1999 model of EZ Go carts. In order to find one of these carts used, you need to take some time to look into the options that are available. Whether you purchase your cart from a dealership, a yard sale, or online, you need to make quality and affordability the two top priorities.

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EZGO TXT Golf Cart Customization

Even though I am impartial when it comes to golf cart brands I still have to mention that one of the best websites belong to the EZGO company. Not only do they have a professional looking (and functional) site but they offer tons of great solutions and customization options to their golf carts.

One of their most basic and reliable carts is the TXT Golf Cart. As I said it is a very basic cart without any strange features that you wouldn’t know what to do with. It has room for two people and two golf bags filled with your ping golf clubs.

But what if you want a TXT Golf Cart that isn’t as ordinary as the standard model? Do you have any way to get a professional customized cart based on the TXT model?

You might have already guessed that the answer to that question is “yes”. From the EZGO website you’ll find that but simply contacting your local EZGO golf cart dealer you will receive a customized quote for the modifications you want to your TXT. They have a huge list of things that they can do in-house as well as things that can be made using sub-contractors. You can find the list here:

One thing that you’ll need to think about before you get into the customization process is that even though a normal EZGO TXT golf cart comes at a reasonable price, you’ll surely be paying a lot more for a customized version and unless you have money to spend you might find the solution to be far more expensive than you had imagined.

Used EZ Go Golf Carts

As when looking for any other used golf cart it can be a hassle finding used EZ Go golf carts. Well it might not be a hassle to find a used golf cart but finding the right type and model at a price that should be as low as possible is where efforts are required.

It is no different than hunting for any other used item. The selection is often far more limited than the selection of new carts and most of what you find will seem to be to highly price, in a bad condition or maybe the seller is hundreds of kilometers away.

So if you have decided that you want the EZGO golf cart and maybe you have even decided on a specific model and color then what do you do?

Well you can start off by checking your local papers and maybe even calling your local golf or country club and see whether there is anything up for sale in those places. Chances are rather slim that they have the exact model that you want but you never know. It might be your lucky day.

The Best Place to Find Used EZGO Golf Carts

The wonders of the internet are many and when you’re searching for something like golf carts you are in luck. You might have heard of the online auction house called Ebay and that is the first place I would recommend that you go look for a used golf cart.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of used carts offered every single day and you can easily find prices that are ridiculously low compared to what things might cost when they’re new.

Go check out ebay now to see if you’re in luck.

Used EZGO Model from Ebay

As an example I found this fairly priced 1999 Freedom 36 volt EZGO golf cart on Ebay. The current bid at the time of writing is $1,550 and compared to the price of most new golf carts ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 that is quite a bargain.

Now when you’re reading this article the offer is probably no longer available but there is most like another one just as good or even better.

I will therefore encourage you to go check out what ebay has to offer when it comes to used Ez Go golf carts. And as an add-on bonus there is also tons of spare parts up for sale at bargain prices.

Click here to check it all out and find your EZGO golf cart today.

Used EZ GO Golf Cart