Review: Buggies unlimited golf carts – Golf cart accessories

At the very first glance I am very impressed with the Buggies Unlimited website. The design looks really great and there are a lot of features. That is a great start but I want to dig a little deeper to see what lies beneath the surface.

From the “About Us” page I find that the founder is Bart Mahan and that he and his team have built the largest supplier of golf cart gear. When people talk about themselves as “the largest” or “the best” I’m always a bit curious as to how they’re measuring that. I’m sure that they have competitors that are stating the exact same thing. But for this review it’s not that important.


The Buggies Unlimited Golf Carts Help

One of the first features that I noticed on the website was that it had an Online Chat option. Personally I am a big advocate for a feature like that and especially when you have a site with more that thousand products. So I thought that I would test the support feature since it said to be “online”.

Within less than a minute I had Angela on the line. She was very helpful and she answered the few questions that I had lined up fairly quickly. I’m not sure whether she is actually working for Buggies Unlimited or she just works in a call center, but she did have a Buggies email so maybe she is an employee. If that is the case it is just an additional plus.

The Selection of Golf Cart Accessories

What may seem as a great feature at Buggies Unlimited is also a disadvantage. I went back to the homepage and wanted to find some accessories for golf carts. Honestly I found that the site was way too crowded. Because it is loaded with tons of categories both in the top menu bar and in the left side navigation bar I didn’t know where to begin or where to end.

For a webshop that is not a great thing. I believe that Buggies already knows this because they have placed a fairly large search box in the very top of the screen. Unfortunately it isn’t as visible as you could want because the huge toll-free phone number is taking up the spotlight.

20 headline navigational menu links (and some of them even have sub categories) and +60 (I stopped counting) categories down the left side is just over the top. I know that Buggies Unlimited wants to show that they have a huge selection of products but doing it this way will only scare people away.

According to expert analysis done the results was that a menu should have between 5-7 links before adding a heading to “break” the layout. Maybe Buggies Unlimited should give it some consideration.

Instead of trying to find a category for accessories I tried to use the search functionality in the top. I decided to search for the term “golf cart accessories” as that was what I was looking for.

buggies website review no search resultCan you guess what the result was? NOTHING!! It seems that the search functionality isn’t working.
From the picture you can see that it seems like the search cuts off the last “s” and that might be the problem but I can say for sure. No matter what that search option is really going to cost them a lot of money if they don’t fix it soon.

Instead I tried to search for “Yamaha Golf Cart Wheel”. Again the result was blank! It is hard to guess on actual figures but I think that it is fair to say that Buggies Unlimited are losing tens of thousands of dollars on this account.

I Finally Gave Up

Could it really be possible that the world’s largest golf cart accessories shop did not have tires for a Yamaha golf cart? I figures that if I tried under the top menu called “parts/maintenance” and tried the sub category called “parts – Yamaha” then there had to be some tires, right? Nope! I was presented with a huge list that I even had to scroll to see the bottom of and still there were no tires.

What started out being a positive impression has left me frustrated and irritated and I’m sure that I’m not the only one. If anyone from Buggies Unlimited should come by and read this I suggest that you hire a webmaster that knows how to design (AND test) a webshop. The shop has a huge potential and I’m sure that they would be able to increase their revenue with 50% – 100% percent (minimum) if they got professional help.

Right now all they have is a huge pile of products that are hard to sort through and me as an irritated “no longer potential” customer. The final verdict is: Not Passed Until Fixed!

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