Melex Golf Carts

If you already own a Melex golf cart you’re probably not here to learn about the disadvantages of that particular golf cart brand but let me start out by assuring you that the disadvantages that I’m going to tell you about is not something that you should be worried about.

A Little Background on the Melex Cart Company

The Company was originally named Columbia Cars and was established back in 1995, which means that it has been serving the golfing industry for more than 10 years now. Some years ago the name was changed to Melex Golf Cars PTY Ltd., but besides the change of name not much else changed.

In order to better serve the industry of light vehicles Melex acquired another company to build a broader range of products to offer its customers. Originally Melex produced high quality golf carts and hopefully it’ll continue to do so.

Before I go into some of the disadvantages of choosing the Melex brand cart let me share with you some of the benefits as I see them.

Melex’s Advantages

There are several benefits that I would like to tell you about but since this isn’t a sales pitch I’ll try to refrain from using too many superlatives. The first thing I would like to mention about these golf carts is that they’re electrical which means that they’re better for the environment. All of carts use the maintenance free Fullriver AGM battery sets and as you have probably read in my other article on maintaining golf carts it’s a great plus no to have to do weekly or bi-weekly battery checks. 

The Melex golf cart is built following very strict Italian styles specifications, which includes using ADC motors and the latest technology such as Curtis programmable controllers. Being technical isn’t always a positive feature but in these carts you’ll probably never notice much of the advanced technology that is built in besides when you benefit from the features.

A great example of an affordable and solid 2 seat model is the “Electric 2 Seater Fleet 36V Golf Cart”. As the name says it comes with a 36 volt electrical engine but you can also get a more powerful 48 volt engine if that is what you want.

The standard colors are white, green, champagne, dark metallic blue, yellow, black, and red. You can also have a custom made color if you like for it to fit your club colors.

And the Disadvantages of the Melex Golf Carts

Now if you already own one of these golf carts don’t worry because there are actually only a few disadvantages as I see it.

The first one is that the Melex Company is rather small compared to some of the other golf cart companies worldwide. Because the company is located in South Africa it is only serving customers in countries like South Africa (naturally!), Namibia, Seychelles and Mauritius. Now if you live in some of these countries that is great but if you live in the US or Europe you will not only have a hard time finding a dealer but can also have a hard time finding spare parts.

Most golf cart service providers will probably be able to help you out so even if you do own a Melex golf cart and live far from South Africa, you might not be totally lost. You should however expect to have to pay somewhat higher prices for parts and especially the ones that have to be original Melex parts.

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