Kids Golf Cart – Tips for Finding Good Prices and Quality Carts

Many children dream of having their own way to ride around the backyard or front yard supervised. If you enjoy playing the game of golf, it is likely that your kids have become interested in playing as well. What better way to get them interested in golf then purchasing their own personal golf cart. This is a great toy for children as it looks cool, teaches them a little about the sport, and allows them to ride around in their own cart. Before you go and purchase one for their birthday or Christmas, it is important you consider the variety of carts out there. You could either choose a kids golf cart which runs on pedaling alone, or opt for a more expensive electric version. Whichever cart you end up deciding on, it is important that you make the cost a big deciding factor, along with whether or not it is an appropriate purchase for their specific age.

Making Safety the Top Concern

When you have begun looking into the different golf carts available in the marketplace today, it is important that you do not just select one based on the look and cost alone. Since this is a purchase for your young child, it is so crucial that you make the safety of the model the first quality you should check out. If the cart often topples over or has other unsafe flaws, you need to look away- despite the low price. Comparing different models out there will help you pick out a model that works great and is recommended highly for its safety features as well.

Electric Carts vs. Basic Toys

As stated before, there are carts which are designed to run similarly to an authentic golf cart. This means it has a functional steering wheel, an accelerator, and a brake pedal as well. These golf carts generally reach speeds of about 2.5 mph, so the speed of these carts is not a major concern. Depending on the age of your child, this may still be a concerning factor though. If you are worried that your child is too young to handle one of these electronics models, you may want to look into the basic ones. Golf carts which run with just pedaling needed from your children are often much more appealing in terms of safety. They are also much more affordable if you are on a tight budget.

  • Basic Models: These carts are affordable and great for ages 2-7. If you are concerned about safety, you will likely find these the best option for your child.
  • Electronic Carts: If you have a child who is seeking out something a little more exciting and are older than 7, you will likely find an electronic cart to be a much better investment. You should be aware that they do cost significantly more than a basic cart.

Popular Retailers to Check Out

Since affordability is a popular concern of many parents shopping for a golf cart designed for kids, you need to take the time to compare the options. Many people will head into a store they are familiar with and pick up a cart from what they have found. If you want your purchase to be a good one and you can’t afford to spend tons on your new golf cart, you need to see what retailers are out there and compare the prices and models you find.

  • Some local stores to check out are Walmart, Toys R Us, Kmart, and Target. These stores can often be found in most cities and they carry a variety of toys. While you may find it a little difficult to track down an electronic golf cart, these stores should be more than sufficient for a basic model that uses pedaling.
  • If you would rather shop online, there are tons of options which are available. You can head to and check out the models which they have available. Following this link will show you a number of golf carts designed for children. You can also utilize EBay for finding good prices here. This is a great reference to find both electronic carts and the basic models as well.

In order to find a golf cart for your child that works great and is safe, you are going to need to put in the time to research. A lot of people will skimp on the researching process and select a model based off of what they have found in a short period of time. By taking your time to check out a number of retailers and the variations between electronic and basic models, you will be able to find the golf cart which would be the best fit. Another benefit that comes from taking your time is that you will often get a much better price.

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