Golf Cart Maintenance

If you’re the happy owner of a golf cart you probably already know that some level of maintenance is required to keep your cart in perfect shape. Golf cart maintenance is required for both electric carts as well as gas powered carts. Electrical cart do however tend to be easy to repair on your own.

There are several aspects that go into the maintenance of a golf cart and depending on whether you’re just doing a monthly check or you need to do actual repairs you might want to consider getting professional assistance.

The Do It Yourself Solution

Doing the regular checkups and smaller repairs on your cart can easily be done if you know a little about mechanics. Changing a light bulb or replacing a punctured tired doesn’t require any special skills and can easily be done by most people.

If you own an electric golf cart you should check the water levels on the battery either weekly or bi-weekly depending on how much you drive the cart. When checking the water you need to make sure that the leaded plates are submerged in the liquids. If they’re not you need to add just enough distilled water to cover the plates.

If you find that there is major golf cart maintenance needed you can do it yourself but I encourage you to check the factory guarantee as it might be forfeited if you do repairs on your own.

Get Professional Service Checks

Even though it might cost you a little money it might easily be money well spent. If you’re a member of a larger golf club or country club you might find that the club has its own technical staff that would probably be able to easily do your golf cart maintenance checkups regularly.

In case your club doesn’t have a technical team you should call the shop where you bought the cart to ask who they would recommend. If you bought the cart as used you can ask the person from whom you bought it or you can call the company that manufactures the particular model. They will definitely know of maintenance service companies in your area.

The Get Help/DIY Solution

There is one final solution that you might consider. For the most part you’ll find that companies selling golf cart parts will also sell machine shop services and even though they don’t necessarily specialize in golf carts they’ll probably be able to help you out. You might even be lucky to get a manual from them when purchasing the spare parts and if you ask them nicely you might even get a few free hints on how to best do the maintenance on your particular cart.

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