Artificial Putting Greens

The reason for writing this article is to provide you with a detailed overview of how and where you can find artificial putting greens but also what price you can expect to pay, where you can use it to your advantage and what things you should look out for before settling on a specific model and/or brand. But before we go into all of that let’s first set the record straight about what we’re talking about here.

What Is A Putting Green?

If you are a golfer you probably already know what a green is but in case you don’t or if you’re searching for artificial greens as a present to someone else, then let me briefly explain.

Basically the “green” is the last part of the golf course and the part where you have the flag and the hole that you must get the golf ball into. The green is often one of the places where most golfers will spend the most strokes because they have a hard time aiming and focusing on getting the ball into the hole.

That is also why someone developed the so called “putting green” which is basically a training area where you can practice putting again and again until you get good at it. If the problem isn’t in the putting but rather in the “driving” part (the long strokes), these is also something called a “driving range” where you can practice your golf swing.

Before we move on to talk about the artificial putting green let me just make it clear that “normal” greens on golf courses are made of high quality, high maintenance natural grass. Because the greens we’re talking about here are manmade it will not be exactly like its natural cousin.

Where To Find Artificial Putting Green Turf

There are several ways that you can go about locating places to buy these synthetic putting turfs but the two overall ways are offline and online. Out recommendation is to search online because you are more likely to get a wider variety and better prices. The disadvantage of the online search is that live human communication is limited and the best way to go about it will probably be to find an offline dealer in your local area that you can seek guidance with and then go home and do an online search to see if you can get a better price.

There are 4 websites that we recommend you take a look at before deciding on where to purchase your new putting green. We are in no way affiliated with any of the 4 websites and we do not recommend any of them above the other as the fit of their products and services will depend on your individual needs and wants as well as your geographical location.

The LawnStar Company makes artificial grass putting greens from two different materials. One is nylon and the other is polypropylene. Both of these materials are used by most makers of artificial grass. The difference is in the price and the authentic feel of the grass. Nylon will generally be cheaper but will be easier to install and will have a better durability. It will be perfect for a home golf putting green to practice on.

Their cheapest product is the Poly 12’x10’ putting green which sells for $699 and the cheapest Nylon green is the 15’x10’ at $749. However you will be able to order products in any shape or size and the prices will naturally be adjusted accordingly.

The Company is based in Texas and can be reached at 972-618-0300.

Positives: 16 year warranty on turfs
Negatives: REALLY poorly designed website

The ASC Company sells a variety of products and one of them is the artificial golf putting green. They also offer both the nylon and the polypropylene versions. One concern that you can have when reading their website is that it seems like both the nylon and the poly version is called out to be “the best” and that makes you wonder which one is in fact the truth.

Both products is claimed to give you a natural putting roll when you strike the golf ball and our conclusion is that it must be the golfers individual opinion on what is most “real”. The great thing about the nylon version is that you don’t need to add sand fillings like you do with the poly green.

We weren’t able to see where the company was based but their phone number is: 800-580-0307.

Positives: Good website info, functional webshop
Negatives: 5 year warranty, claimed specialist in several areas

Now where the two companies mentioned about might be both knowledgeable and produce high quality products, this company’s website has a much better design and functionality and it makes it look professional in comparison.

The offer artificial putting greens just like the other two and will provide both nylon and polypropylene turfs. What is great about their website is that you will instantly see testimonials for professional golfers that have playing on their turfs and enjoyed it. That is a huge plus when you as a customer is trying to decide who to do business with.

The offer a ton of pictures and examples of what they are capable of and again this is something that gives you comfort as a potential customer. Installing nylon or poly putting greens in your garden, your home or anywhere else will be an expensive investment and you want to feel comfortable that you’re making the right decision.

The company is based in Jupiter, Florida and can be reached at 561-743-8512, 877-784-8873 (Toll free) or by email at

Positives: Great website, many pictures and customer testimonials
Negatives: 5-10 year warranty, no prices

This company is by far the most professional looking of the four we have listed. Not only do they have great professional golfers give testimonials on the front page, but they are also servicing almost all of the US as well as several other places around the world.

Not only will they provide artificial turfs in the two materials we have discussed above but they will also give you the options to choose between several different sorts of grass. We’re talking sorts like bluegrass, fescue, rye and Bermuda amongst others.

The company is located in Scottsdale, Arizona but has more than 90 franchises all over the world and is considered (according to themselves) the global leader in designing and installing state-of-the-art synthetic putting greens for residential and commercial use.

You can contact them by calling 770-642-2273, 877-260-7888 (Toll free) or by email at

Positives: very professional looking company, great FAQ
Negatives: no prices, no warranty mentioned


Even though we have found some of these companies to look better and more professional than their competitors we would like to remind you that this is solely based upon their website. This might not always be a fair way to present a full picture and we would therefore like to encourage you to contact the individual companies and speak to their representatives.

If might require more work on your part but since installing artificial putting green turf can be a pretty large investment you do not want to make the wrong choice. We also suggest that you study that FAQs of each website as you will find the answers to most of your questions in those pages and it will make you better prepared before calling the companies.

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